Salvation Over Suffering

SOS:  Salvation Over Sufferring – Everyone has an incredible story! We must listen to each person’s story like our lives depend on it, because their lives do depend on it!

SOS is a new and unique pain care paradigm, based on the premise that where all modern pain interventions fail to offer lasting relief, SOS achieves lasting relief in every aspect of people’s lives that are torn asunder by chronic pain, depression and PTSD.  Our methods are the expression of grace that is overwhelming hospitality and extravagant listening. Everybody has an incredible story. It is in the telling of our stories to interested listeners that we begin to claim again our truth. God, “Holy-Holy-Holy” has made us “Holy” in His image. When we begin to believe this and live Holy again, our pain no longer owns us!  At the cross, God stamps on reality for all time that where there is atrocious suffering, redemption and resurrection are nearer than we can possibly believe.  God detests our suffering, He weeps with us. And He particularly detests our suffering then having no purpose.  There in our worst pain, God’s grace can help us find our purpose in salvation, after which pain will never own us again!  —- Dean C.

The Ministry of Listening – Bonhoeffer’s “Living Together”

I am just reading Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s “Living Together.” It is a wonderful practical theology for how a church or mission community should operate.

Bonhoeffer says clearly far too many Christian pastors interpret their job to be speaking, when in fact many times, the greater grace is to listen. Our ears are also unlikely to hurt anyone.— Dean C.